The New UEZ-180

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The New UEZ-180

USF Fabrication offers the industry’s most extensive line of engineered metal doors for underground utility access: Electrical, Gas, Telecom, Fiber Optics, CCTV and Water..

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Standard features

Material: Steel galvanized.

Frame: 3/16″ thick steel galvanized

Covers: 3/16″ thick steel galvanized diamond plate reinforced for incidental 16K wheel loads.

Hardware: All 316 SS nuts, bolts and washers

Hold open device: Galvanized steel one piece hold open arm with removable pin to release door full 180 degree open position

Lift Assist: Stainless steel compression springs. No more than 35 LBS of lift is required to open or close from ANY position.

Lock device: 316 Stainless steel slam lock with special ¼ turn tamper resistant penta head release

Lift handle: 2 galvanized steel lift handles flush with top of cover.

Warranty: 5 year

All our utility hatches are available with features that provide Simple, Safe and Secure operation:

  • No more than 35 LBS of lift required to open any one (1) cover with. No torsion bars to repair or replace.
  • Steel frame with aluminum cover designed for incidental 16,000 LB wheel loads.
  • Equipped with an automatic hold open arm that automatically locks the cover in its full upright position and locked position.
  • New quick release safety latch allows door to rotate back a full 180 degrees without the use of tools or removal of hardware, while the hold open arm remains engaged.
  • When closing the door from the 180 degree open position the door automatically returns to its full upright and locked position.
  • Aluminum diamond plate covers reinforced for 16,000 pound wheel loads for off-street locations that may receive incidental vehicle traffic are available. Aluminum covers also have the option of a Shot Blast finish
  • A stainless steel slam lock mechanism operated by a captive, tamper resistant penta head bolt is equipped with an inside release handle. It is designed to keep dirt and debris from restricting the operation of the latch or door
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Optional features such as Recessed Padlock Boxes or Additional Bolt Locks are available.
  • Industry Best Five (5) Year Warranty

You can now view our Utility Door Videos on You Tube!

UFC: http://youtu.be/SwVQH-QLZF4

UHS: http://youtu.be/PFN4UttDVbY

**Be sure to check out our TESTIMONIAL PAGE for more details regarding our UHS door**

Light Vehicular / Occasional Truck Traffic

ASTM C1802-20 Load Level 3 & 4