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USF Fabrication, Inc. is a full service metal fabrication company with the facilities, equipment, skilled workforce, and engineering staff to meet the most demanding requirements (view PDF brochure).

  • Four Manufacturing Departments: Aluminum, Miscellaneous Steel, Grating and Rolling
  • 2 Manufacturing Facilities: Hialeah,FL and Ogden, UT (over 160,000 sq.ft.)
  • Modern Technological Metal Fabrication Machinery
  • Professionally Certified Welders and Experienced Engineering Staff

Rolling: Form, roll or bend a full spectrum of metal structural materials, in a wide range of diameters, thicknesses and widths to make rings, cylinders, cones, transitions and spirals. USF Fabrication, Inc. has the expertise and equipment to meet your specifications.

  • Channels rolled flange-in, flange-out and hard-way.
  • Flat Bars rolled easy-way, and hard-way.
  • I-Beams rolled easy-way and hard-way.
  • Tees rolled stem-in, stem-out, and stem-up.
  • Square and rectangular Tubing.
  • Square and round Bars.
  • Plate rolling and bending.
  • Cones eccentric and concentric.
  • Round Tube & Pipe rolling and bending.

Cutting, Shearing & Punching: By using an array of fully computerized CNC and manual equipment which is laid out for effective and efficient operations, our craftsmen can perform accurate and low cost fabrication in all type metals.

Custom Metal Fabrication: From the simplest weir plate to sophisticated precast concrete forms we can fabricate your design in aluminum, steel, stainless steel or other metals. If you have anything that you need fabricated from metal please e-mail us or call us at 1-800-258-6873 for a quote.

Light Vehicular / Occasional Truck Traffic

ASTM C1802-20 Load Level 3 & 4