Watertight (& Gastight) Angle Frame Pedestrian Loading Single Door

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Watertight (& Gastight) Angle Frame Pedestrian Loading Single Door

The Flood Resistant, sealed, gasketed and flush mounted floor access door is designed for applications where flooding may occur or in applications where odors and gases may need to be suppressed

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Material: Aluminum, steel, or stainless steel available
Frame: Flush mount angle type with strap anchors
Removable Center Beam: Gasketed, flood resistant (Double leaf design only)
Covers: 1/4” diamond plate reinforced for AASHTO H20 wheel loads. (capable of holding up to 25ft. head of water)
Gasket EPDM gasket around entire cover perimeter
Hardware: All 316 SS Hinges, nuts, bolts and washers
Hold-Open Device: 316 SS Hold-open arm with secondary latch mechanism
Lock Device: SS flood resistant camlocks
Lift Handle: Flush and flood resistant
Warranty: Ten (10) years on aluminum, Five (5) years on steel and stainless steel

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel horizontal springs or gas shocks for easy opening
  • Cylinder lock or staple for padlock
  • Bituminous coating on frame surface in contact with concrete
  • Frame skirts for easy casting into a concrete top slab
  • Nut rails with stainless steel sliding nuts for attaching cable holders, brackets & other hardware
  • Fiberglass insulation with metal liner
  • Custom lettering
  • Anodized finish
  • Stainless steel safety chains with aluminum support posts
  • Fall Through Protection Systems
  • Slip resistant surface bonded to cover plate
  • All steel or stainless steel material


The watertight (floodtight/gastight) floor access door shall be Model W-APS / W-APD as manufactured by USF Fabrication, Inc. with the size being specified on the plans. Door leaf shall be 1/4-inch thick aluminum diamond plate reinforced for a 1560 p.s.f. live load (capable of holding up to 25 ft. head of water). The bottom of the cover shall have a continuous groove to securely hold a 9/16-inch diameter EPDM gasket around its perimeter. The cover shall have 316 stainless steel floodtight cam locks to compress the gasket so that the door will not leak from standing water. The frame shall be 3/8-inch thick material with 3/16″ x 1 1/2″ strap anchors welded around the frame for casting into concrete. The floor access door shall be equipped with a flush floodtight handle that does not protrude above the cover, and a 316 stainless steel hold open arm with secondary latch mechanism that automatically keeps the cover in its upright, open position. The door shall have 316 stainless steel hinges with 316 stainless steel flat head bolts. Installation shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s attached instructions. The door shall be manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Light Vehicular / Occasional Truck Traffic

ASTM C1802-20 Load Level 3 & 4