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Aluminum and Steel Floor Access Door, Steel Grating and Rolling


Aluminum Floor Access Doors


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We have the largest engineering team in the industry.

USF Fabrication stands at the forefront of the industry, proudly boasting the largest engineering team in our industry.  Offering comprehensive customization capabilities that surpass industry standards.  With an expansive 200,000 square feet of cutting-edge full service manufacturing facilities strategically located in both South Florida and Utah, we ensure swift and efficient production. 


Solely dedicated to our distributors.

During decades of business, we have developed relationships with a wide array of quality distributors throughout the United States and Canada who work hard to have USF Fabrication products specified and supplied on projects in their areas.

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The industries most extensive line of products.

At USF Fabricationhe we hold the most complete line of floor access doors in aluminum, steel, steel galvanized and stainless steel, plus a complete line of ladders, hoists, guide rail brackets, drainage grating and miscellaneous metal fabrication


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