Metal Grating

U.S.F. Fabrication, Inc. manufactures a wide range of metal grating for pedestrian, H20 traffic and airport (280PSI) loading. We manufacture welded bar grates, riveted reticuline grates, and special grates for roadway applications. Our grates are approved for use by many state Departments of Transportation, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana and New York. Please e-mail us or call us at 1-800-258-6873 for more information on these products.
Barrier Wall Inlet Frame, Beam and Grate for Georgia D.O.T. Ditch Bottom Inlet Steel Grate for Florida D.O.T. Curb Inlet Steel Frame and Grate for Louisiana D.O.T.
Gutter Inlet Steel Grate Set Gutter Inlet Steel Grate Set Barrier Wall Inlet Grate

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